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Much like the MEC military, so you have 8 lumens and that runtime is 5.25 hrs, so they’re a little more traditional with the runtime as well as 130 lumens, which they say will run for 24 mins. So they were a lot more traditional with the runtimes. This is also ipx8 licensed. It is 0

6 ounces or 16 grams, and your lengths are just ever before so slightly various. 1.73 inches lengthy 44, millimeters or 0.
5 9 inches in diameter. That is 14 factor 9. Instead of 14 factor 8 as well as inside you additionally have the cree XP.

However this is the g3, not the g2 LED, and also this set is diffused. So this one is not diffused. This is diffused. There are a few of these various other flashlights such as this nightcore tinny. It is additionally diffused if you see, if you look extremely carefully at the lenses, there is a diffuser which makes an a much softer light.

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Next up. We have the Phoenix az u c02, and this flashlight is almost the exact same. It runs 24.95, so $ 25. For this flashlight and once again twist with two settings, you have your low, which is 10 at lumens, which they state will certainly run for 3 hours and 50 mins and then at 130 lumens they claim 25 minutes.

Is your max run time? This is ip68 certified for water resistance. It is 1.7 inches long or forty three point two millimeters and 0.55 inches in diameter.

That is 14 millimeters on the nose and also eighteen point, 4 grams leaving out battery inside you have a cree xpg, 2s2 mini, USB rechargeable. It has the same tin 180 battery inside, however this one is 80 milliamp hours instead of 100, and also the distinction with this flashlight is that you need to screw this completely off, and afterwards you have a recharge port, your mini USB port inside the cap there. So this cap does come off and also if you shed this, then you’re totally unfortunate. One thing I did gain from Phoenix right before shooting this video is that the? U co2 is now presently terminated.

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You can still locate it on Amazon for twenty five. Thirty dollars, however it is discontinued as well as Phoenix, told me that there will be an upgraded variation soon and once more, if you take off the tail cap right here, you have your battery inside as well as the difference is that this set, if you do the math for your 3 Factor 6 volts as well as 0.288 watt hours. This is an eighty milliamp hour battery. That is the Phoenix metro you see no to 4 carrying on.

There was one more thing I did wish to note about the you c02, this flashlight, you twist it to get to the low setting than the brilliant setting. If you twist just a little further, the flashlight will certainly turn off and I do not believe that’s a designated feature. I did see some evaluations stating that there were some wonky points going on with the twist capability of this flashlight and after that it quit working after a long time. I do not understand I’ve not had this one for very long, however it does shut off if you twist also much, which is not the case

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of any one of these others, you can twist completely on and you it will not twist any type of additional as well as the flashlight remains on that’s true with the neck military too: they do not turn it withdraw this set from Phoenix metro. Does next up, we have the Oh light.

I won our iOS. I did cover this one extensively in a video currently. I unpacked this one as well as this does not have a removable battery, so it is rechargeable, but that battery is interior and there is no way to get to it. That is the risk of the Iowan are specifically after looking at these. I love this flashlight

Lug this on my keychain for the longest time truly like Oh light, however they’re the just one in this entire classification that do not use a detachable battery on this flashlight and you do have to take this cap all the way off to reach that billing port. So it’s it’s very much like the you co2, yet it does not have a replaceable battery, however it is more affordable at 1699, making it the most affordable out of any of these USB rechargeable keychain flashlights, the micro flashlights. If you will, it does have your to turn modes. You have five lumens for your reduced mode, which must last for 7 hours and also 130 lumens will certainly last for about 20 minutes. It is ipx8 accredited.

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